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I was impressed by the fact that Bill came to our house to pick up the tower, fixed it, returned it, and hooked it back up. That took a lot of his time for a very small fee. It's worked better than ever. Great work, great IIservice and no hidden

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Here are some testimonials we have gotten because of our commitment to quality and satisfaction of our customers.


Maine Machine Products Company relies heavily on Maine PC Solutions for their prompt, reliable and knowledgeable solutions to many of our IT needs.  Whatever the issue, big or small, we always know that Bill Kuvaja and his team will come through for us.  Maine PC Solutions offers us the ability not to have to maintain helpdesk support.  This allows that position to be reallocated to another area of need in our facility.  We will be continuing our successful relationship with Maine PC Solutions as our IT needs expand here at Maine Machine Products Co.

Eric Peterson

IT Manager

Maine Machine Products


I would like to thank Maine PC Solutions for the prompt and courteous service that you have provided to our companies, in keeping our 20 plus computers and as many printers up and running. As you know down time creates employees not being able to do their jobs; therefore, customers not receiving the quality of service that they deserve. We certainly are appreciative of all that you have done for us; I know changing your schedule to accommodate us in emergency situations is not always easy, but you have done a great job in supporting us regardless of what you have had going on. Thank you for your diligence, quick response, and for being there when we have needed you.


Jewell Tire Center, Inc. / Jewell Tire Retreading, Inc. Robert C. Jewell II



Maine PC Solutions is my sole provider for my personal and business computer service needs. Bill responds immediately to any computer or networking problems that arise and efficiently solves the problem, which is critical for my business operations. Bill is very fair, trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend Maine PC Solutions and Bill Kuvaja for any of your computer service needs. 

-Justin McIver

Owner, Main Eco Homes


What a great place to do business with. MAINE PC SOLUTIONS have been terrific. Everything from building machines for us to installing network connection. William is great. He has time for you and service is absolutely the BEST. Tech support extraordinaire. Here at the RD Johnson Agency we are blessed to have MAINE PC SOLUTIONS as part of our team. 




I was in the middle of a huge desktop publishing project (cookbook for a local church) when my computer would not turn on! The information was not backed up and I was panic stricken. I did some troubleshooting (different outlet, replace power cord) with no luck. The computer was just out of warranty and being new to the area I didn’t have a network in place for support.  I checked newspapers, magazines, and online. What stood out with Maine PC Solutions webpage was the testimonials. Words like “honest”, “no hidden fees” “above and beyond” “commitment and excellence” and of course “very small fee”.  I am so very impressed by the job that Bill did on my computer. I had a bad power supply. Bill went on to explain the problem in layman’s terms, replace the defective part AND save all my data. I would absolutely recommend Maine PC Solutions. Superior customer service, quick turnaround and very reasonably priced.

Debi Pride,



My name is John Phillips, and I live in Otisfield, ME.  For the past decade, I have videotaped amateur boxing shows around New England.  My company is called Fistic Films.  When my computer system died, I could not use my video editing software on the new operating systems and was out of business.  I tried online assistance, and I tried a couple of computer experts in the area.  I had no success.  Everyone told me to upgrade.  I did not want to upgrade because there were things I wanted to do that only my old software would allow.  Then I went to Maine PC Solutions in South Paris, ME.  At Maine PC Solutions I met with optimism and interest in my problem.  The end of this story is that Maine PC Solutions was able to replicate my old computer system and I am back in business videotaping New England amateur boxing and producing DVDs.  Maine PC Solutions’ fees are reasonable.  The proprietor and staff have imagination and skill.  Bill even came out to my home to do the last tweak on my setup.  I am completely satisfied with Maine PC Solutions.

--John  Phillips


 I was impressed by the fact that Bill came to our house to pick up the tower, fixed it, returned it, and hooked it back up. That took a lot of his time for a very small fee. It's worked better than ever. Great work, great customer service and no hidden fees. He is straight forward and honest and comes through in a pinch. Very highly recommended.



I have had Bill work on my computers lap top and others. One thing I like is I can leave it off at his shop and go shopping down town and usually pick it up on the way home so I`m not without my computer for very long.

 Thank-you Marie


I brought my computer to Maine PC Solutions as I was having issues with it shutting off and locking up. Bill went above and beyond the call of duty with my computer. He has spent more then a month dealing with the computer company trying to get them to fix the computer as it is under warranty. He has kept me informed every step of the way. I have been impressed with his service and commitment to his customers. 

I would recommend Maine PC Solutions to anyone that needs assistance with their computer. Commitment and excellence is what customer service is all about. 

Diane Morin


Kate from Harrison,ME thinks that anyone who needs their computer serviced should definitely head on over to Maine PC Solutions. I would recommend Bill for anyone, he is professional and very smart. He fixed my computer in a timely fashion and charged extremely reasonable prices for parts and service. I was very satisfied with Maine PC Solutions and would take my computer back to Bill anytime I have an issue. He truly is a computer wiz, and this is a great local business to support!

ees. He is straight forward and honest and comes through in a pinch. Very highly recommended.

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